18 ton coins old coins with TTD ~ OM NAMO VENKATESAYA
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

18 ton coins old coins with TTD

·        About 6 tonnes foreign coins
·        Coins of copper, bronze and steel
·        TTD to set up coin galleries in national musuems
·        Use such galleries  for promotion of Sanathana dharma
The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams has launched a n exercise  to assess the value and antiquity of  the nearly 18 tonnes of old  indian and  foreign coins collected in its Hundis since several years.
TTD EO Sri L V Subramanyam said that  a team of  coin experts – numismats have been pressed into service  to assess their value and antiquity  so that  the rest could be  disposed off suitably at a later date.
He said  the coin experts  drawn from the Archeological Survey of India and the state archeology had already begun the exercise  and were expected to complete the scrutiny  by November  29 th.
The EO said that  the  huge stock of  coins  were being  categorised  on the basis of metal, country  and also  size. They comprise of  copper, bronze and steel besides from countries  like  US , Malaysia, Singapore, Srilanka, Australia, New zeland, UK, South Africa, Canada,Nepall, Thailand and also arab countries  .’The foreign coins are approximately  6 tonnes ‘ he said.
Sri  Subramanayam said  on the basis of the number of   antique  coins, the TTD  is mulling over a program to set up gallries in prominent musuems across the country for display of its coin collection .’We want to utilise the opportunity to show case Sanatana dharma , through coins by setting up such gallries in musuems across the country he said.
TTD EO  said  devotees came to know more about  the glory and granduer of  Lord Venkateswara only after they were heralded in the copper plates  of Annamacharya .’ Same way the glory of Lord Venkateswara across nations will also   be known to people through the gallries’, he said.
EO Sri L V Subramanayam , JEO Sri  K S Srinivas Raju, JEO Sri K Venkatrami Reddy ( Tirupati), CVSO Sri M K Singh  and numismatic experts  Prof A V  Narasimhamurthy , Dr Rajaram Sri Muniratham Redddy particiapted in the event.

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