Tiruppavada seva ~ OM NAMO VENKATESAYA
!!! Lord Venkateswara staying in Tirumala Vaikuntam !!! Govinda Narayana Srinivasa Parandhama Pahimam Pahimam!!!.
!!! Chant Govindaa! Govindaa!! Govinda!!! Edukondalavadaa Venkataramanaa Govindaa Govinda!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tiruppavada seva

Every Thursday after sattumari, Tiruppavada seva get into existence in Tirumamani mantapam. This service includes cooking a large quantity of rice as pulihora and presenting it to the Lord all along with other sweet arrangements such as payasam, laddu, jilebi, thenthola, appam etc. The cooked rice is piled up in mukha mantapam to take definite customary pyramidal trapezoid shape and the delicacies are deposited thereon with coconuts, flowers, sandal paste, kumkum, deepam and are offered to the Lord with suitable mantras.
This is a only one of its kind and wonderful Seva among all the other methods of worship offered to The Lord Venkateshwara. It is executed every Thursday Morning preliminary around 5:30AM.
Earlier every Friday right in the early morning of the following Thursday, The typical famous Huge, Wide “Naamam” (a decoration with perfumed camphor paste around the forehead for all forms of Vishnu, The Vaishnavait Hindu God) embellish Sri Venkateshwara forehead layering all except part of His Eyes.
Removing this Naamam and bathing The Lord (Abhishekam) and for a second time adorning Him with a New wide Naamam on the very same day (Friday) was well thought-out too time consuming, In order to control the rush of pilgrims and the time control for a Seva.
Therefore, The TTD commenced a New Seva every Thursday Morning by the Name of “Tiruppavada“. A gigantic bundle of cooked Tamarind spiced rice (Pulihora) is emptied on a gold covered tray (Size about 6 ft X 4 ft) and located straight in front of The Lord such that it is concerning a pair of feet in front of His mount, Sri Garudalwar, in the vestibule area of The Temple’s Sanctum Sanctorum.
Amid reciting of Mantras, The earlier wide Naamam is stripped off and a thin Naamam is decked on His forehead just to cover up the space connecting His eyebrows. When this happens, it is supposed that The Lord’s first stare after “opening” His Eyes (because they were covered by The Naamam) should NOT fall on mortals, because it has so much authority. Instead, it is made to fall on the mass of “Pulihora” directly in front of Him, thereby blessing it and plummeting the intensity of His Gaze. The “Pulihora” therefore acts like a curtain (“Paavada” in Telugu/Tamil) shielding devotees from His Powerful Gaze.
This new Thin Naamam then stays for the entire Thursday, and in conclusion peeled off totally in the early hours of the next morning (Friday) throughout Abhishekam.
One ticket for the Tiruppavada Seva permitts 6 people to take part including one couple for Sankalpam and begets a complete basket of holy food cooked inside The Temple – “Prasadam” – 7 Big Laddus, 1/4Kilo of Pulihora, 5 humongous Jilebis (only cooked for this Seva), 5 dosas, and 5 big Vadas and 5 Jilebi Vadas.
This is a distinctive in its own way and discriminating Seva among all the methods of worship presented to The Lord Venkateswara. It is executed every Thursday Morning starting 7AM.

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