!!! Lord Venkateswara staying in Tirumala Vaikuntam !!! Govinda Narayana Srinivasa Parandhama Pahimam Pahimam!!!.
!!! Chant Govindaa! Govindaa!! Govinda!!! Edukondalavadaa Venkataramanaa Govindaa Govinda!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011


In this room, there is a golden cot with silk mattress hung by silver chains on which the Lord’s idol is seen relaxing. That is why this place is called ‘Sayana Mandapam’. In this room the offerings are kept in front of the Lord. These offerings are never taken beyond this threshold of the Sanctum. Let us also not cross this threshold. While standing here, let us devour the beautiful image of the Lord and preserve it in our mind. Even after going home, we should be able to see the Lord’s image in our mind’s eye. We should firmly determine to confine his magnificent image in our mind. Then only he will appear before our eyes whenever we wish to see him. Then there would be none to shove us off. No one can pull us away from him. As we enter the golden threshold we can have a look at him without even blinking our eyes. Never think that you are leaving him behind while you are returning from his presence. Turn around with the thought that the Lord is accompanying you and that he is in your mind’s eye. Don’t keep on turning your head again and again for having another glimpse of the Lord, as you are likely to obstruct other devotees and force the security persons to shove you away. The Saviour of the world! Oh’ Lord of the Universe! Govinda! Govinda! Here is an anecdote of a devotee who carried away the Lord’s image in her mind’s eye. After having the darshan of the Lord, she was walking back with out causing the slightest discomfort to other devotees. Yet the security personnel grabbed her hand and pushed her away. She shouted at him angrily, “why have you pulled me when I am walking away?” and quickly walked away. Even after coming out of the Sanctum, her anger did not subside. Later on, when she thought about this incident, she realized that the unsavory incident happened because she came to the Lord in her physical form. Had she been able to fix his image in mind and meditate, no one would have pulled her away from him. From then onwards, she began to see the Lord sitting at the threshold, without entering the sanctum just by closing her eyes and concentration on the Lord. She was amazed to discover that it was so easy for her to have the lord’s darshan in this manner. Initially she thought that it was only on illusion and was skeptical about it. On waking up the next day morning she had the Lord’s darshan and to her dismay he was wearing an ordinary white robe instead of his usual attire and jewellery. All the day she wondered why the Lord wore such simple attire. The riddle was solved when she realized that it was a Thursday. Every Thursday the Lord adorns a white silk robe. She was overjoyed. It meant that she had been seeing the Lord every day and that it was not an illusion. It became possible because she could arrest the Lord’s image in all its grandeur in mind. That’s why she was able to see that image every day. By appearing before her in different images, he has instilled in her the belief that she had been going to the temple every day and was having the Lord’s Darshan. Is it so easy to have the Lord’s darshan? She was thankful to the security personnel who was responsible for all this. God has shown her the way. This is proof enough for any one to be with the Lord if we strongly desire to be with the Lord, that wish is granted. If you have strong belief in god and faithfully wish for something, it is fulfilled. There is another example for proving that our desires are fulfilled when we have nothing but faith in him. One day a guest came to a devotee’s house. He had a ‘Tirumala Laddoo’ in his hand. Some body gave it to him while going home he had stopped by to greet her. All her attention was on that laddoo though she was talking to him. She was hoping that he would offer at least a part of it to her, but he never bothered about it. He had left her without ever giving part of it. She was very disappointed for not getting the Lord’s prasadam. She was totally disturbed till the evening and when her children returned home from school, she got herself busy with them. That night her husband, on his return from office brought a big kalyanam Laddoo which was given to him by a friend. She became speechless with happiness and pleasantly surprised on receiving the laddoo. Most probably the Lord, noticing her disappointment, has sent the laddoo. If your desire for things is really strong it is likely to be fulfilled. We should have faith in ourselves. Let there be no lingering doubt in you. Such experiences are innumerable. If you feel like sharing your association with the Lord, with others, then why delay? Share with me.

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