!!! Lord Venkateswara staying in Tirumala Vaikuntam !!! Govinda Narayana Srinivasa Parandhama Pahimam Pahimam!!!.
!!! Chant Govindaa! Govindaa!! Govinda!!! Edukondalavadaa Venkataramanaa Govindaa Govinda!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

SANKEERTANA BHAANDARAM (Treasury of Sankeertanas)

Adjacent to the sabha are, there is the treasury of Sankeertanas. There are two statues on either side of this room. One is Annamacharya’s Statue and the other is that of Peda Tirumalacharyulu. Annamcharya of Tallapaka heritage, his son Peda Tirumalacharyulu and his grand son China Tirumalacharyulu have sung hymns in praise of the Lord and honoured him. All these hymns and poems are inscribed on copper plates and kept in safe custody in this place. These poems and hymns became so popular that one can hear them at anytime and at any place on TVs, Cds etc. Annamayya not only took part in all festivals of the Lord but also secured a permanent place in the temple complex. Is it a possibility for any ordinary man!? Such a great devotee that he is, he wrote about 32000 keerthanas on Lord Venkateswara. He advised his son to write atleast one Keertana everyday and dedicate it to the Lord after his demise. During 1525-30 A.D the construction of the trove was completed and all the works of Tallapaka family were inscribed on copper plates and safely kept in Tallapaka shelf. It is said that all hymns originally written were on Palmyra leaves and later on transcribed on copper plates by his son.The king of Vijayanagara dynasty, Achyutarayalu, helped in constructing this treasure trove and preserving Annamayya’s writings. The corpus of Tallapaka came to light when Sadu Subramanya Sastri who worked in different posts in TTD from 1919 to 1946 A.D sighted the inscriptions. In 1923 all the copper plates on which Tallapaka’s corpus of literature was inscribed were taken out by him and got them rewritten on paper by the then pandit of TTD, Venkataramana Sastri. Lot of care was taken about them till 1930. Subramanya Sastri was transferred to Madras in 1931, for supervising the making of a diamond crown for the processional deity Mlayappa Swami ordered by the queen of Gadwal. The responsibility of paying personal attention to that work was entrusted to Sastri. It took two years for the completion of the crown. In this two year period, lot of Tallapaka literature was lost and whatever was left was published. The members of Annamacharya family still play a very important role in the shrine. Every day morning during Suprabhata seva, it is the members of the Tallapaka family who sings hymns at the golden door for waking up the Lord and at night lullabies are sung by them for the Lord. They play a very important part in the Kalyanotsavams. The father of blank verse is Tallapaka Annamacharya, whose hymns are recited by every one while visiting the Shrine. Annamacharya’s family plays a vital role in the various rituals at the shrine. “The different forms of Hari are the angels The various names of Hari are the mantras”. How fortunate and blessed is the saint poet Annamacharya, to have sung the glory of the Lord Venkateswara every second of his life! How blissful it would be for us if we also could do it. Atleast keep chanting the Lord’s name Govinda… forever and ever!

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