!!! Lord Venkateswara staying in Tirumala Vaikuntam !!! Govinda Narayana Srinivasa Parandhama Pahimam Pahimam!!!.
!!! Chant Govindaa! Govindaa!! Govinda!!! Edukondalavadaa Venkataramanaa Govindaa Govinda!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011


That’s the Sanctum of the Lord of the universe. Have a good look at the glorious, celestial and heavenly form of the Lord. With unbated eyelids, how beautiful the idol is! How soothing it is! In the middle of the Sanctum, Lord Venkateswara’s ‘Swayambhu’ idol fully clad in jewellery made of precious diamonds, gems, emeralds, rubies etc. is seated on the pedestal called ‘Brahmasthana’. In other words, Sri Mahavishnu along with Mahalakshmi on his chest has descended from ‘Vaikunta’ on the Tirumala Hills as the first ‘Swayambhu’ idol. All other idols were installed later at different times. The beauty of this ancient idol is beyond the reach of any sculptor. As per Agama Sastra, 36 kinds of precautions are taken for carving a perfect idol. The idol of the Lord is different from the sculptural theory as it is self made ‘ Swayambhu’. On a closer examination of the Lord’s idol, one finds that the ‘Swayambhu’idol is 8 fee high with his chest measuring between 36” and 42” and his waist between 24” and 27”. His head is covered with long locks which extent up to his shoulders. This idol has a sharp nose, half closed eyes with clear eyelashes, long artistic fingers, well built muscles etc, which is beyond the scope of any theory on sculpture or Agama Sastra. This beautiful idol has four ever brilliant hands in different postures. In the right upper hand there is ‘Sudarsana Chakra’ (disc) and in the left upper hand there is a conch, while the lower right hand is known as ‘Varada Hastha’ and the lower left hand is known as ‘Kati Hastham’. The lower part of the waist appears to be tilted to the left while the knees appear to bent a little. This glorious posture of the Lord is very unique, attractive and decent. The bluish tinged body of the Lord has his consort Mahalakshmi seated on his chest and hence the sparkle in his heart. This beautiful idol is so attractive that it can not be described in words. So have a Darshan of him and be blessed. Mahalakshmi, his consort, who is apparently protruding over his chest is the one who conveys all our wishes and desires to the Lord. ‘Sri Venkatesa Charanam Saranam Prapathe’. ‘O Lord Sri Venkateswara, We have sought your Lotus Feet as the only support, only your Divine feet can give us Solace!’. The anklets on his feet are ever brilliantly shining. There are dark patches on his shoulders because of bow and arrows being carried by him. Adorning all the ornaments gifted to him by the devotees, he looks beautiful beyond compare and attracts all like a magnet. Our eyes are dazzled by the brilliance of the variety of ornaments worn by the Lord. Is the Lord looking so beautiful because of his sparkling ornaments?! Or are the ornaments endowed with beauty because they are worn by the Lord?! Several happenings in the Sanctum astonish not only the devotees but also the temple priests. While the Lord is being decorated with flowers and ornaments, the priests have felt the soft and supple body of the Lord though it is a granite idol. It is also said that the Lord perspires after ‘Abhishekam’ and sweat is seen on the idol. For the priests serving the Lord in the Sanctum, the idol appears to be a living figure and not one made of granite. The main idol of the lord is very ancient one and it is proved not only by Rishis and Yogis but also by scientists and archaeologists. The Silathoranam in Tirumala is said to be 2500 million years old. There are five images of Lord Venkateswara. The main idol in the Sanctum should not be moved out at any point of time. Hence five different idols are used for processions. They are: • Sri Venkateswara Swami • Bhoga Srinivasa Moorthy • Koluvu Srinivasa Moorthy • Ugra Srinivasa Moorthy A part from these one should also know about: • Sudarsana Chakratthalvar • Sri Sitha, Rama, Lakshmana • Rukmini, Krishna • Salagramas.

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