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Sunday, March 27, 2011


The sixth phase of Kalyanamastu-the mass marriages programme by TTD is all set to take place across the state on May 20, said TTD EO Sri IYR Krishna Rao.
Addressing the media persons in a press conference held at TTD administrative building in Tirupati on Thursday, the EO said, the kalyanmastu programme is intended to help poor people in the Hindu community, who cannot bear the expenses of marriage. "So far TTD has successfully carried out five phases of mass marriages and 34,017 couples tied the knots in the last five phases apart from another 59 couples who got married in the maiden Kalyanamastu programme carried out at Chennai", he said.
The EO said, "A four-member team of experts comprising TTD court astrologer Sri Tangirala Prabhakara Purnaiah Siddhanthi, Agama Advisors Sri Sundaravadana Bhattacharyulu and Dr.Vedantam Vishnu Bhattacharyulu, SV Veda Pathshala Principal Sri Srirama Murthy fixed the muhurat on May 20 between 9:52am to 10.04am which falls on Friday in Moola Nakshatra of Karkataka Lagnam in the auspicious month of Vaisakha and on the auspicious day of Bahula Tadiya".
Sri Rao said, the TTD will organise the mass in all the constituency head quarters across the state with the co-operation from the state government. The date of registration for the couples will be announced shortly after holding discussions and teleconference with all the district collectors. This year also we involve the revenue department of the state government for more effective execution of the kalyanams. "Since we have more than two months time, by taking up extensive publicity activity we can ensure more public get benefited out of this noble and noval programme. The Hindu Dharma Prachara Parishad(HDPP) under the supervision of its new secretary Sri Kasi Reddy Venkat Reddy will carryout this mass marriages programme", he added.
The media conference was also attended by Tirupati Joint EO Dr.N.Yuvraj, HDPP Secretary Sri K.Venkat Reddy, DyEO HDPP Sri Umapathy Reddy and Deputy EO Recruitment Cell Smt Chenchu lakshmi.


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