Narasimha Avatar of Lord Vishnu ~ OM NAMO VENKATESAYA
!!! Lord Venkateswara staying in Tirumala Vaikuntam !!! Govinda Narayana Srinivasa Parandhama Pahimam Pahimam!!!.
!!! Chant Govindaa! Govindaa!! Govinda!!! Edukondalavadaa Venkataramanaa Govindaa Govinda!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Narasimha Avatar of Lord Vishnu

Narasimha avatar (combination of lion head and man body) is fourth incarnation of of lord Vishnu in krita yuga.In this avatar lord Vishnu has taken the form of half man and half animal(lion)[Narasimha] to kill the asura king Hiranyakhan Hiranyakashyap who have got a boon from lord Brahma that he will never face the natural death.The boon was that he will neither be killed by man or beast, neither inside nor outside, neither in the day time nor in night time, neither on land nor in air and that no weapon will kill him. After getting this boon from lord
Brahma, he started domineer to sadhu, saint and even on god. When Prahlada, the great
devotee of Vishnu and son of Hiranyakashyap was being tortured by his father and his father decide to kill him then lord Vishnu appeared as narasimha(main-lion) and killed the asur king.


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