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Monday, March 28, 2011


Every Friday the Self Manifested Divine MulaVirat of Lord Balaji is given a holy bath ‘Abhishekam’. Generally all the Gods are given Abhishekam on a particular weekday, for example Hanuman on Sunday, Narasimha Swamy on Saturday, Ganesha, Siva on Mondays etc. Usually in all Indian households, women consider Friday as auspicious day for taking head bath. This is also because, Goddesses are given a holy bath on Fridays.

But, whats the reason in Tirumala that Lord Balaji’s Abhishekam is performed on Fridays?

To know the answer, we should know a few details about ‘the Vaikhanasa Agamam’ preached by Sage Vikhanasa Maharshi according to which all the rituals are performed in Srivari Temple, Tirumala. We all know there are three schools called Dvaitha (by Sri Madhwachar), Advaitha (by Sri AdiSankaracharya) and Visishtadvaitha (by Sri Ramanujacharya). Apart from this the Vaikhanasa Agama preached by Vikhanasa Maharshi belong to ‘Lakshmi Visishtadvaitha’ as the name suggests the followers of this school will worship Lord Vishnu with Goddess Lakshmi.

According to this form of worship, Lord Vishnu (or Balaji) must be worshipped along with Goddess Lakshmi. So, Goddess Lakshmi is given a high preference and as friday is important and auspicious day for Goddess MahaLakshmi and Lord Balaji’s Idol has an impression of Goddess Lakshmi Idol embossed on the right side of the chest called as 'Vakshasthala Lakshmi'. Hence, to facilitate the abhishekam for Goddess Lakshmi , Lord Balaji is also given the same on Fridays.

In the Friday Abhishekam , Firstly, the idol of Balaji is applied with Punugu Tailam (Civet) and then wiped with a pure cotton towel.At this stage one can see the idol without any ornaments,vasthrams (except the hands holding Chakram and Sankham) which is really once in a lifetime experience.Thats why a lot of people are asking for this Abhishekam Seva tickets and they are not available in the open booking till 2041. But with the recent decision of TTD, the abhishekam tickets were reduced so that all the participants will be made to sit inside the Bangaru Vakili, and while the sacred bath is going on, general sarva darsan devotees are allowed to have a fleeting glimpse of lord's icon. Since the space is limited, the tickets are reduced and also to facilitate general pilgrims to have darsan during this most sought after Seva. The icon is adorned with a ‘White Kaupinam’ (Underwear like). Lord Balaji is having Lakshmi on the icon’s right chest and Goddess Padmavathi’s tiny gold icon in a chain.This chain of Padmavathi will never be removed in any case. So there will be both the consorts, Lakshmi and Padmavathi, present always with the Lord.

After the Abhishekam starts the icon is given a bath of water from Akasa Ganga and Golden well (Bangaru Bavi) and then with approximately 400 litres of cow milk. After that perfumed water (cardamom, Lavangam , Vattiveru etc) is used then with turmeric water to goddess Lakshmi and Padmavathi. After this a thick paste of Chandanam(Sandal), Saffron, Refined Camphor or Pachha Karpooram ( is called ‘Parimalam’)is applied on the icon and karpoora Harathi is given, then again water is poured on the icon. This water is collected in a big silver vessel along with the paste of Parimalam and is given to the devotees as Abhisheka Theertham. After this, Abhishekam comes to an end and the theertham is sprinkled (Prokshana) on all the devotees present at that time.

Now the icon is adorned with a Dhothi (‘Melchat Vasthram’) is made of pure silk and 24 yards x 12 yards in size and minimal jewels like Srivatsam, Kausthubham and a very thin layer of namam applied on the forehead with refined camphor. This darsan is called ‘Nijapada Darsanam’ which is only on Fridays where we can see the lotus feet of the Lord Balaji’s icon.

After the Nijapada Darsan, Lord is now adorned with a white tilak on the forehead. For this very nice powdered refined camphor is used. Then Kasthuri(Musk) Tilak is applied in the centre of white namam. Now the Archakas will adorn the Silk vastram of 24 x 12 yards to the icon, after that all Jewels, precious ornaments are adorned. After the completion of Alankaram, the Goddess Lakshmi's Gold Pendant is seperately given sacred bath and then adorned at the right chest of Mulavirat's icon.

Now the Madhyahnika(Afternoon Rituals) Aradhana will commence, followed by Astottaranama Archana (108 holy names of Lord Balaji is recited), while the Tulsi leaves are offered at the lotus feet. II Food Offering is offered with the ringing of two big bells, followed by Sathumurai.

Then Sarva Darsan commences for the day


how the oil is taken by the punugu pilli

how did the oil is taken from the punugu pilli

how the oil is taken from the punugu pilli

very beautiful information! can you please provide mahalakshmi stotram ?

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