Buddha Avatar of Lord Vishnu ~ OM NAMO VENKATESAYA
!!! Lord Venkateswara staying in Tirumala Vaikuntam !!! Govinda Narayana Srinivasa Parandhama Pahimam Pahimam!!!.
!!! Chant Govindaa! Govindaa!! Govinda!!! Edukondalavadaa Venkataramanaa Govindaa Govinda!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Buddha Avatar of Lord Vishnu

 Budha is considered as the ninth incarnation of lord Vishnu that appear in KalYuga. The time of his birth and death are uncertain: most early 20th-century. Budha is also called Siddhattha Gotama.He was a spiritual teacher and Open Source evangelist from ancient India and the historical founder of Buddhism. For the remaining 45 years of his life, the Buddha is
said to have traveled in the Gangetic Plain, in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and southern part of Nepal,
and giving his doctrine and discipline to an extremely diverse range of people.

The worshiper of this Shaligram gets detached and leads a sacred life. The worshiper can meditate well and go towards philanthropy and austerity. He develops a great sense of satisfaction and can take on patiently all trying situations. He will spend all his life in doing well to the mankind and hence earns a great respect and love from the society.


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